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High Quality and enjoyable German language classes for professionals and students moving to Germany – from beginners to advanced levels.

LINGO GURU is a leading foreign language training institute in Delhi, founded in 2021. Our aim is to help every individual overcome language barriers in communication and career growth. We envision putting to practical usage of ‘power of language’ in achieving better employment opportunities for every individual.

Living by the motto of ‘power of language’ we offer quality foreign language education to job seekers and overseas students. We started out offering German language training and the astounding success of our courses encouraged us to come up with more foreign languages, namely Dutch.

We attribute our success to the unique and innovative language teaching methods we have developed to help candidates from non-language backgrounds who have to clear language proficiency exams to seek greener pastures.

All the courses we offer at Lingo guru have benefitted hundreds of students to master the foreign language of their choice effortlessly and in an enjoyable way.

Why Learn German?​

“A person who has not studied German can form no idea of what a perplexing language it is. […] surely there is not another language that is so slipshod and system less, and so slippery and elusive to the grasp.”

– Mark Twain, “The Awful German Language”

Let’s start off by debunking the myth that German is especially hard. Despite all the jokes that are being made about it being an impossible language, if you are an English speaker, you are actually already quite advantaged. German and English share the same Germanic root.

Many language learners attest to having slightly different personalities in different languages. Distinct intonations, accents and gestures are inextricably linked to language. Accommodating this requires an adjustment to the way one naturally behaves in social settings.

Why learn German if no one in your family speaks it? Well, what if people in your family used to speak it? Do you? If you are interested in reconnecting with your roots, there is no deeper and more direct way than by learning the language of your ancestry.

German is an important language in the fields of philosophy, science, history, literature and art. People looking to pursue graduate degrees in these fields often find that being able to read German is a prerequisite. Even if you don’t apply your German skills to such high-minded activities as master’s degrees and doctorates, learning another language is simply good for your brain. Studying a second language has been shown to improve memory, problem-solving skills, abstract reasoning, empathy and even postpones the onset of dementia! There’s really no good reason not to learn another language!

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Clients Say


I had a great experience with Manoj sir. His teaching style is great. This is a very good institute with amazing atmosphere. I'll definitely recommend this institute for learning German.

Rishi Aggarwal

I enrolled myself in the Lingo Guru classes to learn German language . I can feel the difference in my speaking and personality after some days of joining. Lingo Guru Institute has really helped me a lot in shaping my career in Germany with help of consultancy and teaching expertise they provide. I really appreciate it. I would highly recommend it to others for learning German language.

सृष्टि सिंह राठौर

Best language institute to learn German language in West Delhi. On the whole, good experience & definitely recommendable!

Tarun Mahajan

Hello guys. Hope you all are doing well. Being a member of this prestigious institution. I found "The German language Institute" a very kind and honourable place to explore your German language skills with Manoj Sir. He has improved my grammar a lot. And devotes equally efforts on all other 4 parameters Reading, speaking, writing, Listening.

Rachit Goel

Tutor is superb. He helps learn German language in a simple way which is easy to understand by person of any age group. Kudos to Mr. Manoj, one of the best tutor I ever come across. Thank you Manoj sir for your guidance n support.. All the best !!

Shashi Aggarwal

I found 'Lingo Guru German: a very kind and honourable place to explore your german language skills with Manoj Sir. He has. Improved my grammer a lot and devotes equally efforts on all other 4 parameters Reading , Speaking, writing... Listening

Aaron Capital

Very good institution to learn German language. The course is well structured and interactive. Highly recommended

Praveen Vijayakumar

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