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We are a leading foreign language training institute in Delhi, founded in 2021. Our aim is to help every individual to overcome language barriers in communication and career growth.

We attribute our success to the unique and innovative language teaching methods we have developed to help candidates from non-language backgrounds who have to clear language proficiency exams to seek greener pastures.

Courses We Offer

A1 Level

Can understand and use familiar, everyday expressions and very simple sentences, which relate to the satisfying of concrete needs. Can introduce him/herself and others as well as ask others about themselves – e.g. where they live, who they know and what they own – and can respond to questions of this nature.

A2 Level

Can understand sentences and commonly used expressions associated with topics directly related to his/her direct circumstances (e.g. personal information or information about his/her family, shopping, work, immediate surroundings). Can make him/herself understood in simple, routine situations dealing with a simple and direct exchange of information on familiar and common topics. Can describe his/her background and education, immediate surroundings.

B1 Level

Can understand the main points when clear, standard language is used and the focus is on familiar topics associated with work, school, leisure time, etc. Can deal with most situations typically encountered when traveling in the language region. Can express him/herself simply and coherently regarding familiar topics and areas of personal interest.

B2 Level

Can understand the main contents of complex texts on concrete and abstract topics; also understands specialized discussions in his/her own primary area of specialization. Can communicate so spontaneously and fluently that a normal conversation with native speakers is easily possible without a great deal of effort on either side.

C1 Level

Can understand a wide range of challenging, longer texts and also grasp implicit meanings. Can express him/herself spontaneously and fluently without having to search for words frequently and noticeably. Can use the language effectively and flexibly in his/her social and professional life or in training and studies. Can make clear, structured and detailed statements on complex topics and apply various means of text association appropriately in the process.

C2 Level

Can effortlessly understand practically everything which he/she reads or hears. Can summarize information from various written and spoken sources, logically recounting the reasons and explanations. Can express him/herself spontaneously with high fluency and precision and also make finer nuances of meaning clear in more complex topics.


Program Overview


Ausbildung is the German term for Apprenticeship. The program offers a study+work model, for various professions like Nurses, Chefs, Hospitality Management and Logistics.

Job Opportunities

Nurses, Translators, IT, Consultants, and Analysts, Software developers and programmers, Economists and Business Management Experts, Customer Advisors and Account Manager


We use different learning methods and approaches together as tools that, when used correctly, have the greatest effect. We do not change the participants, but adapt the course and the language teaching individually and supportively to the participants.

Kickstart Your Career in Germany

Germany is one of the biggest economies in the World. It has one of the world’s best infrastructure in all fields of the economy. the country’s safety, highly developed infrastructure and robust economy allow Germany to offer you a very stable reason to move to the country. 

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